ePPIC is being replaced by OPPIC on 8 September

On Tuesday 8 September, ePPIC will be replaced with a better and more powerful system called OPPIC (Organisational Policies, Procedures, and Information for Consumers).

Everything you used to look for in ePPIC will be moved to the new platform, which is built on SharePoint and part of Office 365. This means you can access it from any device at work (including generic log in accounts), as well as at home or on the road.

The new system will provide better search capability and only current documents can be found, which means you’ll always have access to current and reliable information.

Migration from ePPIC to OPPIC

We’ll begin migrating documents from ePPIC to OPPIC from Wednesday 2 September. During this time, there will be a freeze on changes unless they are critical.

If you have documents ready to approve, please do so ASAP.

Please contact Gina Mercuri about uploading any critical documents between now and the launch date.

Accessing OPPIC

There’ll be a tile on the home page of The Hub that will take you directly to OPPIC. You’ll also be able to access the site from the left-hand menu of Teams.

When we launch our new intranet in late September, OPPIC will be very prominent and searchable from the new homepage.

Note that if you access OPPIC (or any other Office 365 application) from your own mobile/tablet/home computer, you’ll first need to authenticate it.

Existing links to ePPIC documents

All existing ePPIC links will automatically redirect to the corresponding document in OPPIC, so you don’t need to worry about broken links.


The search functionality and filters are more powerful in OPPIC. You’ll be able to search for all or part of a file name (eg “thunderstorm” or “thunderstorm asthma action plan”). You’ll also be able to filter by document type (policy, IV guidelines, procedure, etc), site/location, department, etc.

View this short video on how to search and filter OPPIC.

Once OPPIC is live, we’ll need to work on updating our document information (metadata) so the filtering works as designed. We’ll also need to transpose ePPIC documents to new SharePoint templates, so version information can be added when documents are printed.
Questions? Email eppic@austin.org.au