Contributing to a sustainable future for Austin Health

This World Environment Day, we’re thinking about our commitment to sustainability and how we can take proactive measures to make our workplace more environmentally friendly.

We recently launched a new central equipment store (CES) which departments can send their unused quality equipment to. This can then be re-used by areas across our health service.

“Participating wards now have a minimum equipment level on ward, and can request or collect additional equipment on an as-needs basis from the central equipment store rooms,” says Stephanie Lai, our sustainability co-ordinator.

Previously, equipment that was no longer needed was either discarded as landfill or as metal waste.

“Not only is it helping us save money, but it’s helping us live and work in a more environmentally-considerate way,” says Stephanie. 

Departments are already reaping the benefits of the new store.

“We had a call from supply saying that a ward placed a purchase request for four new IV stands.

“We were able to access these items from another ward’s excess stock, which managed to save us more than $1,000 from unnecessarily purchasing new equipment!” says Stephanie.

This model of recycling has also been used to help other health services both in Australia and internationally.

We recently donated two truckloads of equipment including beds, trolleys, over-bed tables and crutches to health services in need.

“Not only does this allow health services to access much needed equipment, but it helps us to reduce our waste to landfill and frees up space on our wards,” says Stephanie.

If you’d like to find out how you can donate equipment visit http://hub/page/7808/donating-clinical-items

If you want to check out the equipment available in the CES, visit http://hub/EquipmentStore/