Stage 3 restrictions reintroduced in ten postcodes

Most staff will be aware that Stage 3 restrictions have been reintroduced in ten postcodes around Melbourne in response to a spike in COVID-19 cases.

The postcodes impacted are: 3012, 3021, 3032, 3038, 3042, 3046, 3047, 3055, 3060, 3064.

Stage 3 restrictions mean that residents are unable to leave their home for anything other than work/study, exercise, shopping for food/supplies, and seeking care or caregiving. These restrictions come in effect from 11:59pm tonight and are in place until Wednesday 29 July.

What this means for staff living in these postcodes

There is no change to current working arrangements for staff living in these postcodes.

Staff can continue to come to work and where agreed arrangements are in place for staff to work from home these can continue.  

It is recommended that staff use their ID badge as evidence if they are stopped at any point and required to explain the reason for travelling outside their postcode.

Staff Screening Tool

All staff are strongly encouraged to use the Staff Screening Tool before coming to work each day –

This tool is quick and easy to use and can be completed on any device with an internet connection including mobile smart phones.

You should not come to work if you’re unwell and if you have COVID-19 symptoms then you can arrange to be tested by contacting the Austin COVID-19 Hotline on 9496 6606. 

Staff priority via COVID Hotline

A priority option has been set up for Austin Health staff contacting our COVID Hotline. Staff should wait to listen to all options, then press ‘3’ to access the priority service. You will need to provide your employee number and Medicare number to have your call fast-tracked by the Hotline team.

Staff wellbeing

We understand this is a challenging and uncertain time, and there is a range of information and resources to support staff wellbeing on the COVID-19 SharePoint site.

Our EAP counselling service is also available and can be contacted on 1300 687 327 or via If you need additional support then please speak to your manager.

Patient care

There is no change to the way care is being provided to patients following yesterday’s announcement. We’re continuing to care for patients from all postcodes but staff should continue to utilise telehealth wherever possible and maintain physical distancing.

Please continue to look after yourself, your colleagues and patients as we continue to adjust to a changing environment.

John Ferraro                                                Anna Phillips
Interim Chief Operating Officer     Chief People & Culture Officer