Staff in acute inpatient areas to wear surgical masks in Austin Tower and ONJ Centre

Update to all staff:

In response to the recent increase in positive COVID-19 cases in the community, staff in acute inpatient wards are required to wear surgical masks in clinical areas until further notice.

Clinical staff (nurses, doctors, Allied Health and support staff) interacting with patients are to wear surgical masks from 7am on Sunday 5 July.

Surgical masks are being provided to each relevant acute inpatient ward and will be distributed to staff via ANUMs and/or the Nurse in Charge.

All staff are asked to continue using the other measures in place to protect everyone from the risk of COVID-19 including hand hygiene and physical distancing.

This change relates to acute inpatient areas at the Austin campus but does not relate to non-acute inpatient areas at the Repat and Royal Talbot campuses at this stage.

A reminder to always perform hand hygiene before putting on and removing your surgical mask.

Masks can be worn for up to 4 hours and do not need to be changed for each patient. Masks should be removed when going for meal breaks, going to the toilet or when they are soiled or wet. The same mask cannot be re-used.

Thank you again to all staff for your ongoing efforts.

This advice will be reviewed over the coming days so please continue to check your emails, the Hub and the SharePoint site regularly to ensure you are aware of any further updates.


John Ferraro
Interim Chief Operating Officer