Since mid-March, 5800 clinical staff have completed our PPE training

Since mid-March 2020, 5800 clinical staff have completed Austin Health’s PPE training. This represents 87% of all clinical staff who have been allocated the training.

These incredible figures tell the story of how our staff rapidly prepared for the predicted surge in coronavirus cases and how technology like Teams and ATLAS enabled large scale teaching and learning.

Director, Clinical Education Unit Rob LoPresti said that at the beginning of the pandemic his team set-out to train as many clinical staff as possible. 

“It was an uncertain and stressful time. We didn’t know how big the surge of coronavirus patients would be, and we didn’t know how long our supply of PPE would last.

“PPE training is crucial and is one of our best ways to protect staff from coronavirus.” 

Over 150 physically distanced, face-to-face sessions were facilitated by the Clinical Education Team. 

In March, Austin Health rapidly deployed Teams, 0365 licenses and the COVID-19 SharePoint.

“We changed our method of delivery to start utilising Teams and delivered a further 50 training sessions virtually. Teams opened up new opportunities as it allowed as many people as possible to join the sessions. from any site or location and without the need to socially distance.

“We were able to mimic face to face training really closely with Teams as it still enabled our educators to demonstrate the procedure and allow staff to ask questions to remain engaged in the learning,” he said.

He adds that these sessions were also a forum for staff to share their concerns, fears and was an opportunity to manage myths around coronavirus.

“Our educators were able to answer common questions around coronavirus and provide practical advice and really fill-in gaps in knowledge. This interactive discussion proved to be just as important as the training itself to demonstrate putting on and taking off PPE safely," he said. 

Rob is incredibly grateful to the Education Team who went above and beyond to prepare and train staff.

“The Clinical Education team ran sessions out-of-hours and even on weekends. I’d like to thank our sensational nursing, medical and allied health educators who facilitated these sessions. Their passion, flexibility and care for others is what makes our Clinical Education team so special.”

The Clinical Education team have since developed a fully interactive online learning package which is now available on ATLAS.

“Should a second wave of coronavirus occur, our staff are prepared and have gone through the training. Our clinical education team is also embedded across the organisation, and if anyone isn’t confident about putting on or taking off PPE they can link in with our educators for further support.”