Debbie Munro, Dr Paul Eleftheriou and Leanne Mills

Developing exceptional leaders

Congratulations to three of Austin Health's senior leaders, who have recently been awarded completion of two of Leadership Victoria's most intense and rigorous leadership courses.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Paul Elefteriou completed Leadership Victoria's 10-month Williamson Community Leadership Program, while Debbie Munro, who is the newly-appointed Divisional Director, Continuing Care, and Director of Nursing, Leanne Mills, completed the Folio Community Leadership Program.

Leadership Victoria's leadership development courses are some of the most sought-after in Australia, draw on leadership development research and practice from around the world, and are renowned for exposing participants to new and diverse experiences, people and ideas.

"The Williamson program opened my eyes to the many worlds outside of healthcare," said Dr. Eleftheriou.

"We dined with homeless men, discussed social justice with prisoners and heard first-hand how difficult it is for refugees to integrate into our community," Dr. Eleftheriou said.

"This program also taught us how to reflect on the decisions we make as leaders, but most importantly to be aware of perspective (the 'balcony view') in conjunction with actions (the 'dance floor'). I hope to use these skills to benefit our staff and patients at Austin Health, but also our wider community."

Debbie Munro said that the Folio Program gave her new perspective on how she leads in her role at Austin Health, which she hopes will allow her to keep collaborating with others across Austin Health to improve patient care.

"Over the course of the program, I had the privilege and opportunity to meet many people who were leading for change in their local communities through collaboration and developing a shared goal and sense of purpose," she said.

Leanne Mills said that "the Leadership Victoria Folio program provided an opportunity to reflect and further develop my own leadership skills. It also provided the opportunity to see how the dedication and the passion of our community can have the power to make significant change."