Women in the International Women's Day video

Celebrating women at Austin Health

Did you know that Austin Health is gearing up to celebrate International Women's Day on the 8th of March?

All are welcome to join the International Women's Day events at Austin Health but bookings are essential.

International Women's Day at Austin Health is an important opportunity to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women. 

It's also an opportunity to share thought provoking ideas that encourage ongoing conversations and inspire positive changes.

At this event, there will be a special guest panel including:

• Judith Troeth AO, Board Chair.
• Professor Christine McDonald, Director of the Department of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine.
• Shelley Castree -Croad, Chief Operating Officer.
• Dr Jeanette Tamplin registered Music Therapist.

Natasha Van Zyl, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon explains the significance of sharing the workload at home.

"I think is the next thing to take women forward is actually equality for men in the home and by that I mean that men really need the support at work and socially to allow them to actually be there with their families; so that there's a much more of a sharing between men and women in terms of their work life and their life at home."

Natasha's innovation, leadership and determination has established Austin Health's Victorian Spinal Cord Service as a world-leader in the area of restoring arm and hand function via nerve transfers for people with quadriplegia.

Natasha developed a world-first approach to achieve this - the triple nerve transfer.

Read more about the impact this revolutionary surgery has had on the life of Jack Vawdrey, a triple nerve transfer patient .

Judith Troeth AO, Board Chair of Austin Health talks about recognition and opportunities for women.

"I'd like to see greater attribution given to women's achievements and also with more opportunities for women and girls to excel in whatever fields they choose." says Judith Troeth AO.

Judith Troeth AO was Liberal Senator for Victoria in the Federal Government for 18 years. Judith was the first female Member of Parliament in the Agricultural portfolio, as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry from 1997 to 2004.

Before entering politics, she was a farmer and a teacher - roles that led her to become a key advocate on issues including rural education, women and immigration.