IWD is coming | March 8, 2018.

New International Women's Day video

The 2018 International Women's Day (IWD) theme #PressForProgress is a movement to motivate women. It unites friendships, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive.

We spoke with nine inspirational women at Austin Health about their thoughts on the movement on gender inclusion. Watch as they share their unique experiences and perspectives.

Women featured in the video:
• Donna Ashworth, Nurse Unit Manager Spinal Rehabilitation
• Dr Belinda Yeo, Medical Oncologist and Clinician Scientist | ONJ
• Judith Troeth AO, Board Chair Austin Health
• Dr Sheila Patel, Senior Research Fellow Austin Health
• Emma Wadeson, Director of Nursing, Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre
• Donna Cosentino, Director of Child Care Centre
• Natasha Van Zyl, Plastic Surgeon Austin Health
• Dr Emma Cohen, Nurse Unit Manager Cancer Services | ONJ
• Prof Ingrid Scheffer AO, Physician scientist & epileptologist

Dr Sheila Patel says "I've had significant career interruptions and at those points, I've felt my confidence and self-esteem decrease. I've questioned my ability. It was really important to surround myself with a network of colleagues who could push me through that."

Dr Belinda Yeo says "We all have a little inherent self-doubt, a little bit of self-doubt is a good thing, women often have more than men, I believe. No one else should ever make you feel like you can't do something."

Prof Ingrid Scheffer AO, says "There really weren't any inspiring mentors that were women that I met, I had wonderful men but no women. As I've grown older I've really admired Professor Fiona Stanley in WA and she has mentored me a little in the last few years. I think it's great now that we have a wealth of exceptional and inspiring women in our society and we can look up to them."

All are welcome to join the International Women's Day events being held on the 8th of March at Austin Health but bookings are essential.