Robert Winther, Veteran Liason Officer.

Colour Patch Museum to be built at Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital

"We have thousands of historical pieces that tell the story of Austin Health" says Robert Winther, Veteran Liaison Officer.

This exciting new Museum will house a vast collection of items including memorabilia from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's visit to the Repatriation hospital in 1954, copies of Austin Hospital's first Annual Reports, staff uniforms and more.

Rachel Brown is the first patient to The Surgery Centre's new expanded satellite.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip driving down Acacia St, within the grounds of Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital. 

"As the 115th Heidelberg Military Hospital, all staff wore a unique colour patch on their sleeve. This was an acknowledgement of their service to this country."

Robert says that this project started over 40 years, and has been driven by many people including Veterans, former Prisoners of War, staff and many others in the community.

"We have recently received a grant of $80,000 to preserve the Heidelberg Repatriation history. This project which started off with minimal funds, will now be home to our heritage. "

When complete, the Colour Patch Museum will be open to all staff and the wider community to visit.

The Museum is part of the stage 2 refurbishment of the Duckboard Function Centre.

"We all have a responsibility as custodians of Austin Health's history. If we keep these incredible people in our memories, such as Elizabeth Austin, our service men and women, it means their contribution lives on forever."

Robert says that this is a never ending project. The aim is to bring our history to life, including today's history for future generations.