Care, support and hope

As we roll towards June 30, we are very grateful for strong support from the ONJ Centre community in response to this year's Winter Appeal, focusing on the dedication and commitment of staff, giving extraordinary care and support to patients and families.

Featured in the Winter Appeal campaign, is clinical nurse consultants Priscilla, Vanessa and Lindsay who deliver exceptional care by helping patients and families navigate their way through a complex journey of appointments, treatments and therapies. Each have spent many years working in oncology and cancer wards at different hospitals, and have come to the ONJ Centre for one reason:

"It's the holistic care we can deliver to our patients. It's seeing our patients from diagnosis right through to the end of their care - whether that's palliative care or the joy of long-term remission, or even cure. That's why I am so passionate about helping patients win over cancer." - Priscilla

"As a clinical nurse consultant, the great joy I get is being there to support my patients. I get to know them and their families. I get to be with them from diagnosis all the way through to the end of their journey. It really drives me being there for them, to be involved in their lives, to know they trust me to care for them, and to help them win over cancer." - Vanessa

"When people are diagnosed with cancer, naturally they are terrified. I was drawn to helping someone through their entire journey. That's why I chose to work as a clinical nurse consultant at the ONJ Centre. My role is to support patients and their loved ones, to guide them through their treatment and give them the information they need." - Lindsay

Funds raised from the Winter Appeal will help us continue to provide wellness programs at the ONJ Centre, giving staff like Vanessa, Lindsay, Priscilla the opportunity to come to work every day in one of the best and most innovative comprehensive cancer centres in the world.

If you or someone you know would like to donate to the ONJ Centre Winter Appeal, here are three ways to do this:


Phone the Fundraising Team on Ext 5753

Email the Fundraising Team at: