Staff on 8 East at the dashboard

Progression of Care digital dashboard trial underway

A digital dashboard being trialled to assist with managing patient care has reduced the time it takes to accept patients from the Emergency Department.

The Progression of Care dashboard trial commenced on 3 July on Ward 8 East, replacing the use of whiteboards which highlight key patient information and support the management of the patient from admission to discharge.  

The Ward 8 East Nurse Unit Manager, Billy Strachan, says staff are responding positively to the trial and feel it will make a difference.

"Staff connected with Ward 8 East are using Cerner to track medical readiness to discharge, barriers to discharge, nursing discharge checklists and discharge destination," he says.

"This information is reported on the Progression of Care dashboard together with visual displays of the status of discharge scripts and allied health referrals.  

"This enables a collective understanding of the status and progress of each patient in near to real time, while also providing an overview of the ward as a whole." 

There are other valuable uses of the dashboard too, including the ability to check whether a discharge script has been ordered as well as dispensed by pharmacy.

"Having all patient risks at a glance facilitates the management of those patients and allows staff to immediately identify their care needs," Billy says.

The Progression of Care dashboard trial commenced on Ward 7 East yesterday.

Opportunities to improve the content or further enhancements which are required are being collected and evaluated during the trial period, with an evaluation planned for September.

The Progression of Care dashboards will then be rolled out across Austin Health after this.