Curiosity leads to vital work in Pathology Department

Medical Scientist Hannah Black has always had an interest in the human body.

"I've always liked science, even in school," she says.

"I've always been into how and why things happen, how the body works and everything going on inside of us."

It's only natural her curiosity led to her work in Austin Health's Pathology Department, where she's been working in Haematology and Blood Bank for the past 14 months.

In her blood bank work, she's busy screening blood samples, conducting in depth investigations of antibody reactions and investigating how antibodies develop.

But there are some challenges which can arise too.

"The day to day work in blood bank can change very quickly," Hannah says.

"It can very rapidly become urgent - if there's a patient bleeding in surgery for example who needs numerous amounts of blood to survive.

"It's about trying to manage all the surprises you get but being able to give blood products to people is amazing."

In her haematology work she conducts full blood exams and says being able to diagnose serious illnesses - such as acute leukaemia - are proud moments for her.

"Knowing that I've helped put this person on a path to receive treatment and care is a special feeling," Hannah says.

"I've detected it and alerted the right people so the patient can be treated properly."