Donations make a life changing difference

In response to our end-of-financial year tax campaigns, generous donations from our community have helped raise more than $188,000 for research in the Austin Health Intensive Care Unit and for wellness programs at the ONJ Cancer Centre.

Making a life-changing difference to our most critically-ill patients

More than $95,000 was raised for research in the Intensive Care Unit.  Because of this, the team has been able to purchase state-of-the-art equipment which will help them to undertake ground-breaking research into oxygen levels, sedation and sepsis.

Equipment purchased includes:

-          Two monitors to collect data on oxygenation and EEG patterns during sedation in critically ill patients.

-          A urinary oxygen monitor to assess urinary oxygenation as a marker of kidney oxygenation in patients with severe infection (septic shock) and in patients having major surgery.

Prof. Rinaldo Bellomo, Director Intensive Care Research, is sincerely grateful for this support from the Austin Health community and says without donations from the community, important research would not be possible.

"Research has helped shape, change and define medical care. It is my inspiration and my drive to pursue the very best care for the most critically ill," Prof. Bellomo says.

"The generosity of our community helps us continue to strive for what we could have, what can be, what we can push and learn, helping more patients survive life-threatening illnesses."

Treating mind, body and spirit at the ONJ Cancer Centre

We also asked for support for the wellness programs at the ONJ Cancer Centre, and are extremely grateful for the $93,000 donated. This will help us continue to run wellness programs in both inpatients and outpatient areas including radiotherapy, day oncology, patient waiting areas, the Wellness Centre, the new Wellness Gym and the Music Recording Studio.

What's coming up?

Coming up, our Austin Health Christmas fundraising campaign will be focusing on raising funds for the Paediatric Ward, hoping to purchase a special pair of goggles to help reduce the need for sedation in young children who are undergoing an MRI.

And for the ONJ Cancer Centre, we will be asking for donations to help grow the new ONJ Exercise program, giving people with cancer the opportunity to participate in supervised exercise, helping their treatment to be more effective, tolerating treatment better with less side effects and improving their mental well-being.

If you'd like to find out more about incorporating philanthropy and a culture of gratitude into your team, you can join Debbie Shiell, Director Fundraising, on September 19 from 9-10am for a Leadership Masterclass in gratitude and philanthropy. Enrol via Atlas, search on 'Cultivating a culture of gratitude and philanthropy'.

You can contact the Fundraising Team on ext. 5753 or email