Reinstated COVID-19 resuscitation policies – effective immediately

Dear colleagues,

Given the rise in community transmission we have reinstated our COVID-19 resuscitation policies for a Respond Blue in all visitors, and in patients who are suspected or confirmed of having COVID-19.

This is effective immediately.

The policy will ensure that extra precautions, including the use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, are followed when attending a Respond Blue.

Please note that any visitor or code STEMI patient suffering a collapse or Respond Blue should be treated as “suspected COVID”.

Please ensure that you read these policies and follow correct protocols in the event of a Code Blue:

We are currently developing a similar policy for Royal Talbot in collaboration with the Deteriorating Patients Sub-committee. We’ll notify Talbot staff as soon as this is available. Any questions in the meantime should be directed to Emma Wadeson.

Managers, please ensure that all relevant people within your team are aware of this change, particularly those who have limited access to email.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment and support.


John Ferraro
Chief Operating Officer

Dr Mark Lubliner
Chief Medical Officer