Telehealth hub set up as technology continues to play a key role

Telehealth continues to play a key role in Austin Health’s response to COVID-19 and a telehealth ‘hub’ has now been set up on Level 9 of the Harold Stokes Building at the Austin campus.

Our Specialist Clinics team handle approximately 26,000 appointments each month and right now between 70-80% of these appointments are being done via either phone call or video call.

Lynette Reid- Price, Divisional Manager, Specialist Clinics, said feedback from clinicians highlighted that having a dedicated space for telehealth appointments would help to create the best possible experience for patients and staff.

“We launched the new Telehealth Hub in late July which gives us a space that allows our clinicians to run telehealth sessions at the same time in a safe and suitable environment,” Lynnette said. 

“Up until that point, not everyone had an office or a space to work in that was private and appropriate for telehealth consultations.

“The Capital Works team have fitted out the area specifically for our needs with partitions to ensure privacy and room to maintain physical distancing so that up to 21 clinicians can be in the space at the same time,” she said.

Lynnette said her team are incredibly thankful that others have been so cooperative and been prepared to adjust to allow the hub to be created.

“Specialist Clinics 1, 2 and 3 on Level 3 of the Harold Stokes Building are part of the COVID Screening Clinic at the moment but we are running telehealth consultations at the same time the physical clinics would typically run each week so the disruption to patients is minimised,” she said.

“At the moment we have between 10 and 15 clinicians using the space each day and we will continue to build up this number.

“The support of teams like Fundraising and HR Consulting has been crucial to establishing the hub and we are very grateful to them for agreeing to shift to different areas in order for us to set up.

“The hub will be a key part of the care provided through Specialist Clinics in the short term as we adapt the way we provide care in response to COVID,” Lynnette said.