Staff support Austin Health at Run Melbourne

Introducing the Austin Health Foundation

Austin Health’s Fundraising Department will now be known as the Austin Health Foundation.

This name change brings us into alignment with other health services and is also a demonstration of our new approach to philanthropy at Austin Health.

“We’re looking forward to raising more funds and building an even stronger culture of philanthropy and gratitude together,” says Director of the Austin Health Foundation, Debbie Shiell.

We’d like to express our sincere gratitude to all staff for their commitment to supporting our philanthropic activities.

“From those who worked with us to secure major gifts and grants, thank donors, participated in Run Melbourne, shopped at the Austin Health Gift Shop on Level 3 or supported our most recent COVID-19 Appeal.”

“Last financial year our giving community showed their gratitude for the care they received from Austin Health by donating 7.1 million.”

The money raised has already had an enormous impact for patients and staff.

“We’ve purchased things like blanket warmers for day oncology, dialysis chairs for the renal unit, iSimulate equipment for supporting advanced Life Support Education.

“We’ve also brought Australia’s first Cerebrovascular reactivity (CVR) testing to Austin Health to predict the risk of stroke, and supported a number of COVID-19 Research projects.

“Another highlight, is that we’ve also been able to fund a year’s worth of clown doctors to visit the paediatric ward!”

If you would like to know more about how to work with the Foundation, have ideas that will deliver better patient care funded or would like to hear more about a culture of philanthropy and gratitude please contact Debbie on 9496 5753 or