Hub to be shut down at the end of February

The Pulse has now been live for 4 months, so it’s time to shut down The Hub.

If you are still going to the Hub because you think the content hasn’t moved, please email who will help you find the new content; if it was current, relevant and useful to the organisation, it has been audited and reviewed by the content owners and moved (there was much on the Hub that hadn’t been updated for years, so wasn’t migrated to give us a fresh start.)

Unfortunately, content still being viewed on The Hub that has been moved to the Pulse, so old information is being accessed which is a risk. Based on analytics, the top 20 pages accessed so far this year are:

  1. Home page – this has not been updated for 5 months – please update any bookmarks to The Pulse home
  2. Staff Directory, is People search. You can now search for non-people phone numbers, such as “nurse in charge” or “Ward 6”. It not only tells you phone numbers, but also department information and org hierarchy
    1. Remember, it is your responsibility to keep your phone number updated via My Info Online
  3. Specialist Clinicals Overbooking Form has been recreated and can be found under My Apps, which you can view how to personalise you My Apps list
  4. Departments which can be found under About Us (all), Clinical or Corporate (scroll to the bottom of the page)
  5. Toolbox, which has mostly moved to Applications
  6. Invoice Request is a request for when a purchase is made outside our authorised channel (WPR). 
  7. Car parking concession form has been re-built and is available via Car Parking – please update your bookmarks
  8. People & Culture can be found under Our People
  9. IV Guidelines can be found under IV Guidelines via Clinical Resources and the drop down menu
  10. Medicines Information can be found under Medicines Information via Clinical Resources and the drop down menu
  11. Pharmacy home is available under Clinical Resources in the drop down menu
  12. HSW Training is under HSW Training via Our People
  13. Education and Training is under Education and Training both via Our People and Clinical Resources
  14. Infection Control has recently been updated so all information is now under Clinical Resources > Infection Control on the Pulse.
  15. Specialist Clinics is under Clinical Resources > Departments > Specialist Clinics
  16. Molecular Imaging is under Clinical Resources > Departments > Molecular Imaging (note the MIT staff portal has not been migrated and needs to be accessed via your H> Drive)
  17. Finance can be found under Corporate Services, although 41% of traffic goes to the Invoice Request form (see #6)
  18. Specialist Clinic referrals is under Clinical Resources although 80% of traffic to this page goes to the over booking form (see #3)
  19. Enterprise Agreements is under via Our People and the drop down menu
  20. Library is available under My Apps he homepage or the Clinical Resources drop-down menu

Please update any bookmarks or shortcuts to the new links. If you’re not sure how, please contact or