The team with a liver fibrosis measuring machine.

Your help is needed in the fight against Hepatitis C

This group of dedicated staff are working hard to improve the lives of people with Hepatitis C but they need your help!

Austin Health Hepatitis Rapid Access Service Medical Lead, Dr Marie Sinclair says although the introduction of a new generation of Hepatitis C medication to Australia last year means almost every person infected with the Hepatitis C virus can receive treatment, the total number of Australians infected with Hepatitis C will continue to rise unless we can improve access to treatment.

"For this reason we have launched our rapid access treatment service, which aims to remove barriers to care by ensuring that patients will have a same-day response for referrals, minimise face-to-face appointments where possible, and create a patient friendly and efficient service," Dr Sinclair says.

"We encourage Austin Health staff to screen all high-risk patients for Hepatitis C with a simple Hepatitis C antibody test and refer identified cases to our service.

"High-risk patients include current or former users of intravenous drugs, patients with prior incarceration, those with high-risk tattoos, who have had blood transfusions prior to 1990 and patients from endemic regions such as Africa (particularly Egypt), China, South-East Asia and parts of the Middle East.''

"Haemodialysis patients and those born between 1946-1964 as well as those patients with an elevated ALT are also at higher risk," Dr Sinclair says.

For more information or to refer a patient, please contact the Hepatitis Rapid Access Service by calling 0481909741 or emailing