Austin Health Diabetes Director Dr Elif Ekinci

Raising awareness about diabetes

We have known about diabetes for 1000s of years but with an estimated 280 Australians developing the disease each day, awareness and treatment is more important than ever.

Austin Health Diabetes Director Dr Elif Ekinci took time out from her busy clinical and research schedule to appear on Dr Sally Cockburn's Talking Health Program and break down the facts of diabetes into language listeners could understand.

Among other things, Dr Ekinci educated the public about the new drugs available in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, urged women who have had gestational diabetes to be checked for type 2 diabetes and talked about the increased risk of cardiovascular disease for people with diabetes.

Dr Ekinci launched the world-first Diabetes Discovery program at Austin Health which has led to system wide change detecting undiagnosed diabetes in patients admitted to our service.
As well as being Austin Health's Diabetes Director, Dr Ekinci is a Sir Edward Dunlop Medical Research Foundation Senior Fellow in metabolic medicine at The University of Melbourne.

Listen to her interview here: