Lindsay Grayson addressess ABC TV this week

A return to old principles is essential if we want to win the fight against superbugs

Our Infectious Diseases director, Professor Lindsay Grayson gained national media coverage this week speaking about the importance of WHO's new global standards for controlling the spread of drug resistant gut bacteria.
Prof Grayson is Chair of the WHO Committee which wrote the new infection control guidelines. The guidelines call for a return to hospital practices pre the introduction of antibiotics in 1940. This includes a return to single rooms and one toilet per patient to buy the world more time in the fight against superbugs until new drugs are developed.
Prof Grayson says these initiatives may sound expensive but the economic fall-out will be greater if action isn't taken.
He highlights in his interviews with ABC media that Austin Health is already implementing best practice infection control practices such as isolating patients returned from overseas until they have been cleared of infection risk.
Listen to his interview with Radio National's AM program here: