2W Registered Nurse Naomi Taylor

Nursing our youngest patients to health

As every parent can attest, one of the most stressful things about having a sick little one is babies and young children can't explain how they're feeling. 

Using her experience to piece together the signs and identifying what her young patients need is just one of the many challenges that 2W registered nurse Naomi Taylor loves about her role.

As a university student Naomi was always interested in working in paediatrics but was eager to gain broad experience which is why she selected Austin Health for her graduate year back in 2014.

Almost four years on her passion for paediatrics has only strengthened.

"I'm very much focused on continuing in paediatric nursing,'' Naomi says. "It's fun, it's challenging, I love being around kids, their personalities...they're a lot of fun."

She loves being able to play a role in helping patients transition back to good health and although there have been countless rewarding moments, there is one patient that sticks in her mind.

"She was an eating disorders patient with multiple admissions who is now very healthy and doing very well," Naomi says.

Naomi also appreciates working on a smaller ward where she knows her colleagues well and enjoys the support of a close-knit team.

She is working towards doing some shifts as nurse-in-charge in the near future and is considering completing her Clinical Nurse Specialist training.

Outside of work Naomi loves socialising and spending time with friends as well as keeping fit.

She is also a keen traveller and recent adventures have included snowboarding in Japan and travelling New Zealand in a campervan.