Dr Lauren Giles with journalist Gabrielle Rogers

Trial offers hope for migraine sufferers

Austin Health neurologist Dr Lauren Giles attracted national media coverage overnight about a trial of a drug showing great promise in prevention of migraine.

Dr Giles is associate investigator into a phase 3 study of a drug called Erenumab, part of a new class of designer drugs to prevent migraine which affects up to three million Australians.

"We really think these are going to be game changers in the way we treat people's migraines," Dr Giles told Channel 9.

The drugs target a chemical in the brain called calcitonin gene-related peptide, or CGRP, which rises in the blood during an attack and is thought to be a potent trigger.

"It has been shown that CGRP itself brings on migraines so if someone has a high level of that molecule in their brain or peripheral nerves they may develop a migraine," Dr Giles said.

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