Honouring Associate Professor Larry McNicol's significant contribution to medicine

Retired anaesthesist Associate Professor Larry McNicol has received a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) award in the 2018 Australia Day honours.

He was recognised for his for significant service to medicine, particularly in the fields of anaesthesia, liver transplantation and transfusion medicine.

Assoc Prof McNicol worked as the Director of Anaesthesia at Austin Health for over 25 years. He was also the Medical Director of the Anaesthesia, Perioperative and Intensive Care Clinical Service Unit before retiring in 2016.

Associate Prof McNicol said he was both delighted and humbled by the award.

"I'm very pleased that this award promotes the speciality of anaesthesia."

"Anaesthesia is involved in many areas of medicine outside of the operating theatre, recognition of its importance and impact is significant." Asoc Prof McNicol said.

Our Anaesthesia Department's current director, Assoc Prof Laurence Weingberg said Assoc Prof McNicol motivated the next generation of anaesthesists.

"It's both motivational and inspirational to see how Larry has advanced our anaesthesia speciality both nationally and internationally" said Assoc Prof Weinberg.

Assoc Prof McNicol said he was very proud of Austin Health's Department of Anaesthesia.

"I look forward to its continued growth and world class service under the leadership of Laurence Weinberg".

Assoc Prof McNicol said helping develop Austin Health's liver transplant unit and being involved in the first transplant were career highlights. His involvement in helping establish the first paediatric liver transplant unit at the Royal Children's Hospital and the first liver transplant for a child also hold special memories.

Even though Assoc Prof McNicol retired from Austin Health over 18 months ago, he has been very busy working on a number of things including an appointment with the Victorian Consultative Council on Anaesthetic Mortality and Morbidity.

He is now working as the chair to the advisory committee at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, providing independent medical and scientific advice to the Red Cross.

Assoc Prof McNicol said he's enjoying having a bit of extra time for reading and listening to podcasts.

"One podcast that I really like is called Waking up, it's by a neuroscientist Sam Harris. He provides insightful interviews and debates around a whole range of topics in relation to ethics, philosophy and world politics. That's been absorbing listening for me."

"It's nice to have more time to pursue other interests" said Assoc Prof McNicol.

In 2014, he had been awarded the highest individual honour at the Victorian Public Healthcare Awards.

Assoc Prof McNicol received the Health Lifetime Achievement award in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to anaesthesia, clinical governance and patient safety.