ED of Clinical Operations and Imaging Services

This is who I am:
As many of you probably know, I have been at Austin for a "while" and have been the Executive Director for Clinical Operations and Imaging Services for just over 18 months. My clinical background is in Neuroscience nursing which I developed a strong affinity for following my graduate nurse year. I have worked in a variety of operational management roles since moving away from the clinical sphere - whilst I miss the clinical work (a little) I feel privileged I get to work with so many great clinicians and leaders.

During my childhood I grew up in various parts of Victoria both rural towns and the metro-Melbourne area. I went to three primary schools and two secondary schools so had to learn how to establish new relationships from a young age - whilst it wasn't fun moving all the time, I think it helped me learn to engage with new people from an early age. I live locally to Austin with my wife Natalie and two boys - Hugh 7 and Will 2. The boys definitely keep me "alive" outside of work, this coupled with my passion for motorsport and travel makes for many action packed adventures.

This is what I believe in:

I come to work every day to work with a team who wants to make a difference and get things done. The one thing about health is we are great problem solvers and team work is a strong part of the culture - I believe nobody has all the answers and collectively we get to a better place.

There are many success stories at Austin that contribute to the delivery of exceptional patient care every day. This should all be recognised and valued so there is a springboard and strong coalition to deal with the next inevitable challenge that comes our way.

Why Austin Health?

Austin Health has a strong tertiary/quaternary role in the sector as well as supporting the local community, this makes the organisation diverse and a rewarding place to be. Staff at Austin are passionate about what they do and in many cases at the cutting edge of new technology and innovation which supports best practice. We are often modest in regards to our achievements, this modestly is being replaced with "boldness" so where else would you want to be!

How I hope to contribute:
By working as an active member of the Executive and supporting my team to be at their best. I am committed to reducing the barriers to positive change and enabling our leaders to grow and aspire to their full potential. Changing health care for the better is at the centre of everything I do!