Prof Doyle's children and Sue Shilbury unveil name

New name for lecture theatre

On Friday afternoon, family, friends, students and colleagues of Professor Austin Doyle gathered for a special ceremony unveiling a lecture theatre named in his honour.

Austin Doyle was the Foundation Professor and Chair of Medicine for the Austin Hospital Clinical School of Medicine, when it was first established in March 1966.

His contributions to Austin Health and to academic medicine in Australia were profound.

Most significantly, his role in setting up the Clinical School and attracting brilliant people to work with him helped to build the reputation for excellence in medical education and research that Austin Health enjoys today.

His own contributions to basic science and clinical trials in hypertension garnered recognition for Austin Health.

Sue Shilbury, Chief Executive said "Those who were privileged to know and work with Professor Doyle speak about him with reverence. Many, some now top contributors in their fields, regard Professor Doyle as a great mentor."

Professor Jeffrey Zajac, Head of Medicine at Austin Health and Melbourne University was once a student of Prof Doyle's and spoke about the great impact he had on medicine and Austin Health.

"We all acknowledge that Austin Doyle really established this hospital as an academic teaching hospital. It is the most research focused hospital in all of Melbourne and it's certainly because of him."

"His view was that research was just what you did and we try and emulate that research based culture that started with him." said Prof Zajac.

Professor Ego Seeman spoke about the importance of Prof Doyle as an inspirational mentor.

"The most important person in my professional life was Austin. Meeting someone like Austin was spectacular. That lecture theatre when he walked in was electric. He was unforgettable" said Prof Seeman.