Shelley Castree-Croad

Shelley Castree-Croad

This is who I am:

I was born in England and grew up in the majestic city of Edinburgh in Scotland. My family say that I had an inquisitive mind and a sense of wanderlust from an early age so it was no surprise to anyone that after qualifying as a Registered Nurse and completing my training in Intensive Care and Coronary Care nursing, I embarked on a two year adventure travelling around the globe experiencing different cultures, customs and environments. It was during this time that I first visited Australia and my love of the country has never waned since.

I have lived in Sydney since 1999 with my husband Ritchie and we have two beautiful, funny and engaging daughters Olivia, 13, and Lydia, six. My family keep me connected to what is important in life, which in essence for me is health, love, happiness and a sense of doing the right thing by others.

I moved to Melbourne three weeks ago and I am looking forward to exploring this vibrant city and the beautiful Victorian coast and countryside when my family relocates here in the coming months.

This is what I believe in:

I believe that it takes the collective effort and dedication of every one of us to deliver health services at the quality in which we would like our own family and friends to receive it.

Health care is a complex business and navigating the system can be frustrating and confusing for our patients and their families and carers.

I believe it is incumbent upon us all to work to improve systems and processes that improve safety, treat people with compassion and respect their individual needs, goals and preferences and that enhance our communities interaction and influence on the services we provide.

I believe we have much to do to achieve this but a collective desire to make it happen.

Why Austin Health?

Austin Health has a far-reaching reputation as a centre of excellence in health care delivery and research and when I spoke with colleagues about applying for my current position their resounding response was ‘what an incredible place to work'. From my first impressions, I absolutely concur.

I am gaining a greater understanding of where we have come from as an organisation and the extraordinary commitment, talent, passion and resilience it has taken from others to bring us to where we are today. Austin Health is an exciting place to work and grow and whilst we have over 8,500 staff, from my short time here I feel there is a strong sense of family and belonging.

How I hope to contribute:

I have had the great fortune to work within health care both as a clinician and manager for almost 30 years and I can't think of a more fulfilling, inspiring and innovative area to work.

Every day is different and presents new challenges to overcome and opportunities to be explored. You get to see the very best in human nature in the way staff from all departments interact with and care for the sick, the vulnerable and those in need of help and support.

Fundamentally, I believe that my role is to support our staff to deliver highly reliable, person centred care and to ensure that our services remain safe, sustainable, relevant and responsive now and into the future. I hope my experience, energy, passion and commitment to learning from others and working as part of a team, positively contributes to this aim.