Support Tottie this Dry July!

It's day one of Dry July!

The Dry July challenge starts today and we'd like to thank all 166 people who've signed up already. This includes Olivia's niece and ONJ Centre Ambassador Tottie Goldsmith, who's committed to a month of no alcohol to help raise funds for wellness programs at the ONJ Centre.

So far this group of Dry July'ers have raised over $30,000 which will go directly towards helping provide wellness programs like oncology massage, gentle yoga, music therapy and the music recording studio to patients and their families.

Watch below a message from Olivia to Tottie and her fellow Dry July'ers:


How you can help

It's not too late to sign up - many Dry July'ers actually sign up in the first week of July!

Or you can support Tottie Goldsmith's Dry July efforts by making a donation to her page.

If you, a patient or family would like to know more about Dry July, please contact Alan Wright from the Fundraising Team on ext. 4113.