Meet 'Jimmy' the orangutan

After forming a team, participating in Run Melbourne and fundraising for their department last year, the staff from the Child Inpatient Unit (CIPU) were able to purchase some specialised toys and educational resources for patients and families. 

Meet ‘Jimmy' the orangutan. The first thing you notice about Jimmy is his weight! Jimmy is a weighted deep pressure tool and his job is to help children feel calmer and less agitated. Self-regulation can be significantly affected for children with social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. 

"Some of our patients find deep pressure items, like Jimmy, very grounding and calming and it helps them with their self-regulation, finding it easier to concentrate and focus," says acting Nurse Unit Manager Kathryn Veldman.

Money raised from Run Melbourne last year helped to purchase tools like Jimmy and other sensory modulation tools and some educational resources for families.

"Fidget toys were another item we were able to purchase," says Kathryn.

"These can be utilised to both calm a child but also to promote focus and concentration and increase tactile awareness by keeping fidgeting hands busy."

"It was great to have the opportunity to raise funds for our unit," says Kathryn.

"It provided a conversation starter to speak to family and friends about mental health and the work we do on the CIPU."

Not only did the team raise $2,900 for their department, they had lots of fun at the same time.

"I didn't know what to expect for the 2018 Run Melbourne, but it was amazing!" says Kathryn.

"The atmosphere of the day was great, so much energy! And it's just beautiful to see so many people there, each with their own story and purpose."

"Those of us that were running on the day were pretty nervous leading up to the event. Other staff from the CIPU were encouraging and motivating us. It's one of the beautiful things I love about this workplace - the team will always get behind each other and support one another."

The CIPU have formed a team again this year, and hope to raise more funds for additional clinical, educational and sensory-based resources for their patients and families.

"I completed the 10km last year with my brother Kurt.

"This year we are running the 21km half-marathon! Our first ever!"says Kathryn.

Run Melbourne takes over our beautiful city on Sunday 28 July 2019. Run 5, 10 or 21km and fundraise for your own department or area.

You can run as an individual or create your own team with colleagues, family and friends. Run with purpose!

How can you help?

Support Kathryn and the CIPU team by making a donation to their page here

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There's still time to enter Run Melbourne and fundraise for your own department or area! Click here to learn more.
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