Getting to know Ronald Ma

Ronald Ma is a Clinical Costings Analyst at Austin Health. 

He features as the lead story for the month of September in our 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Calendar.

Born in New Zealand, Ronald describes himself as “a kiwi who works hard.”

Ronald also lives with a permanent disability caused by polio. 

In his profile published in our Diversity and Inclusion Calendar he shares a powerful quote from John McKnight (1990): “Isolation from community life is the worst disability”.

Ronald explains that with the right support, people living with disabilities can live life to the fullest and achieve their goals and dreams. 

"Disability is not about our defects. With the barriers of disabling environments removed, these differently abled people will be able to realise their full potential" Ronald says. 

Ronald speaks Mandarin, Taiwanese and English and has a medical degree specialising in surgery, as well as a Diploma in Business Management, Master of Public Health and a Doctor of Philosophy.

He’s also a Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Department of Medicine.