A farewell to The Hub

Tomorrow we launch our new intranet, The Pulse. An exciting moment in our history and the next phase in creating a modern workplace at Austin Health.

Today we wanted to reflect on our outgoing intranet, The Hub, which has been with us since Monday 9 May 2011.

Over the nine years that The Hub has been operational it has amassed some whopping figures:

  • Our homepage has been visited 23,826,948 times
  • Toolbox has been visited 3,448,315 times
  • Departments has been visited 2,740,495 times
  • My Info Online has been visited 671,244 times

These figures highlight the importance of an intranet within an organisation like Austin Health.

Our most frequently accessed information has been migrated from The Hub, to The Pulse. However, any information that has not moved over can continue to be accessed on The Hub until full migration is complete. 

Today we will also stop sharing our staff, patient and community stories to iNews and will start sharing them on The Pulse.

iNews will be made available through The Pulse as an archive for all past stories.

We’ve had the privilege of sharing some incredible staff, patient and community stories and important news and updates to this channel over the years.

Here are our top eight iNews stories:

1. Our new values – 4476 unique views

2. Changes to staff carparking fees and meals and entertainment benefit– 2529 unique views

3. COVID-19 cases in Melbourne are rising2436 unique views

4. Help our Switchboard and dial these numbers directly2162 unique views  

5. Saving Nicole Gallacher’s life2072 unique views

6. Nicole shares her story of recovery1761 unique views

7. Packed audience for COVID-10 Medical Grand Round– 1542 unique views

8. Update on the issue we have with our surgical washers– 1826 unique views. 

We thank you for sharing your stories with us, helping to enrich our community and bring us closer together. 

We look forward to sharing many more important stories and news to The Pulse.

Thank you from the Corporate Communications team.