Staff add ideas to a strategic planning board

Last chance to have your say on our future!

This week is the last week of staff consultation on our new Strategic Plan 2017-22 so make sure you don't miss the opportunity to have your say on the future of Austin Health.

An organisation's values are important - they represent the culture, behaviours and beliefs of an organisation. Austin Health's current values - Integrity, Respect, Accountability and Excellence - have been in place for some time and served us well. However, as times have changed, are these values still the ones that best reflect our culture, beliefs and expectations for the future?

"It is important to review our Values from time to time as they influence the decisions we make, how things are done, how people behave and how we perceive ourselves," says Acting Director of HR Consulting, Nattalie Smoothy.

"As part of the strategic planning process we are asking for people's views about our Values, as these will form part of the foundation of our Strategy. A set of clear, meaningful values that are shared and lived every day will help us achieve our vision for the future."

The new Strategic Plan provides an opportunity to develop a set of values that better represent Austin Health and help us to achieve our strategic goals.

You can have your say one our future by attending one of the following final consultation sessions:

·       Tuesday 14 November 2-3 pm- Talbot meeting room, RTRH

·       Wednesday 15 November 12-1pm - HRH lecture theatre, HRH


·       Thursday 16 November 2.30-3.30pm Education Centre Lecture theatre, Austin Hospital

You can do so by visiting one of the large consultation boards at the three main Austin Health sites onto which you can pin your ideas. You can contribute anonymously to these boards:

  • In the level one foyer at Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre
  • In the entrance to the Centaur Building closest to the café and ATM at HRH
  • In Quattro Café, just outside level 4 of the Harold Stokes Building, Austin Hospital
  • In the Austin Hospital foyer

You can also contribute your ideas by doing the survey or adding to the Values discussion board.


Chief executive Sue Shilbury

A strategy board at Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital overflowing with ideas.